Frailcare and Services

Ellenrust Lifestyle Village will incorporate a complete lifestyle facility:

  • Administration offices
  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Library
  • Recreation Hall

The Frail Care Unit is equipped to accommodate all levels of care. Residents that are still able to function independently will have the option of stand-by assisted care in their own homes as needed.

Residents who are severely impaired or bedridden will be admitted to the frail care unit, where they will be cared for by a qualified nurse. The frail care unit will be staffed by a qualified nurse, staff nurses, assistant nurses and auxiliary caregivers.

Construction of the first half of the Healthcare Center has already begun. During the final phase (3) an extension of this will be built on for the sake of more beds.

Phase 3 of the Development includes the sale of single-room units for semi-frail elderly people who need help and supervision, but are not necessarily room- or bed-bound. This extension is an extension of the existing Care Unit.